sage_herb_garden-25 days after Yom Kippur, Sukkot, an autumn feast of harvest, is celebrated.

The holiday is a weeklong holiday, named after the huts (in Hebrew “sukkah”) in which Jews, according to rabbinic tradition, dwelt during 40 years of wandering in the dessert after they  escaped from Egyptians slavery.

In Israel it makes a lot of sense to eat and sleep in a hut, but in Scandinavia – well, not so much.

Still we build, enjoy and celebrate and take our meals as much as possible in our decorated sukkahs.

The sukkah is a temporary hut with at least tree sides. The roof is made out of the thatch of branches, which provide some shade and protection from the sun (which obviously makes a lot of sense in Israel, but not so much in Scandinavia), but also allow us to see the stars (if it isn’t cloudy…).

While we commemorate the bounty of the Holy Land, we hold and shake arba minim, four species of plants. They are palm, myrtle and willow (called lulav) and a citron (etrog).

Etrog - a Lemon of it's own

Etrog – a Lemon of it’s own

  Ever heard of an Etrog? Maybe as a part of the Sukkot ritual? Well, the Etrog is rare in Scandinavia, that is true. However if you have good connections to Israel – or to your greengrocer he or she will most likely be able to get it for you. The Etrog is excellent in marmelade […]

Lemonade for Lemon Lovers

Lemonade for Lemon Lovers

I am not a big fan of sodas. But I love homemade lemonade and its endless fruity combinations. Ice cold on a hot summer day….well, doesn’t get any better (if you are out of Champagne that is…). This lemonade is without artificial preservatives and is usually a big hit among children as well as adults. It doesn’t really […]

Let’s break some bread – sourdough if possible (new recipe)

Let’s break some bread – sourdough if possible (new recipe)

In many cultures sharing a good meal is the beginning of a friendly welcoming ceremony. Breaking bread is a “let’s have peace and share some bread” gesture. I would like to add – please let it be…. sourdough bread. Don’t get me wrong, making and eating bread might seem like a peaceful act, but in my kitchen […]