About me


Hi, my name is Anne Sarah Weimar. I am the voice behind the food blog ”New Nordic Kosher Kitchen”.

Privately I love to cook. Not necessarily the kind of food that requires hours of preparation. It is fun – but not everyday. Creating a simple, tasty dish always makes me happy. Apparently my family and our friends enjoy it too.

My profession as an independent journalist and a senior communication advisor allows me to pursue my curiosity in Jewish cooking and Jewish culture in general.

My passion is getting to know – and learning how to cook kosher – which has really increased when I moved to the States in 2007. Moving back to Denmark a few years ago only fueled that interest.

Denmark has, during the past years, evolved to become a nation of food lovers.

We have a strong tradition for cooking our meals at home (from scratch). My husband and I have always prioritized sharing at least one meal together a day if we possibly can. Our sons, who also lives in Copenhagen often stop by just to participate in the meal or to create a dinner for us. These are my favorite moments.

Both men and women take pride in baking their own artisan bread and a “forest” of small and middle-sized companies now produce delicious high quality food items for sale. Denmark has, apart from having a huge organic production, also landmarked itself as a wine maker country. Who would have thought that at this northern latitude?

Denmark’s present “state of food mind” can be credited to our World-class, award-winning chefs. One of them, Claus Meyer, has opened his first restaurants at Grand Central Station in New York this spring.

With their creative, eager, hardworking professional insistence, they are now among the world’s food trendsetters when it comes to combining their excellent cooking skills with thorough knowledge of locally grown and produced commodities.

The kosher cooking is however, for the most part, not that well known in Scandinavia. I would love to change that, and hopefully give you, your family and your friends a better insight into the kosher kitchen as well as many tasteful, surprising and hopefully positive experiences in cooking your own meals. At least for the most part (I know that fast food or semi – precooked food is still very popular and will probably remain that way – so be it – but why not challenge that?).

When I have been talking about my food blog, I have been overwhelmed by the huge interest – also among non-Jews – there is in cooking kosher. With its origins in a number of different countries and their surrounding cultures, it varies so much that it is almost impossible to define.

I will not tell you what to eat or what to avoid. That is entirely up to you. Nor will I try to impose a religious version of “right or wrong”. After all, the scripts do not tell, why a Jew should eat kosher – and there are even differences in what we define as kosher (not saying that to confuse you – but just so you know). I will however try to give you a Scandinavian inspired version of my kosher kitchen.

Feel free to e-mail me, if you have questions or would like to share your story about kosher food.

Work with me

I accept a limited number of sponsorships. However I do not engage in crowding the site with banner ads and do only occasionally create sponsored ads for brands whose product align with this food blog content.
I am of course also available for freelance recipe development and photography.

Contact me for more info.

Other random facts

  • I am Danish (therefore my mother tongue is not English, so bear with me, if you get a good laugh out of my “Danglish”)
  • My family and I are travel addicts and food lovers. My recipes are often inspired by experiences from local Danish restaurants and cafés, our sometimes freakishly cool friends’ home cooked meals and what we taste, when we are abroad. Both my parents are excellent cooks, my husband cooks really impressive Thai dishes and our sons are tough critics but fair tasters – eager to learn and (sometimes) to cook new dishes themselves.
  • Favorite thing about living in Copenhagen: it has a combination of a long history (my family has been living here for centuries) and a modern, energetic, yet slow life pace. The city itself is breathtakingly beautiful. Everybody speaks English (I will claim).
  • My favorite spice is rosemary. Both for main courses, appetizers, in bread – and even in desserts!
  • Dog illustrations. If you wonder why I have the small dog illustrations, the story behind is this: we have a Bull Terrier, Miss. T, who is a big personality in a compact, funny looking body. She has inspired me to illustrate “myself” as her – and the illustrations are created by my brother, who is a gifted artist.

Technical info

  • My son, Nathan, shoots with a Canon 5d Mark II and a 50 mm f/l.2.lens
  • The photos are edited in Lightroom, Photoshop and sometimes with the use of VSCO filters
  • I have created the design of the site together with my eldest son and my webeditor Anette has brought the blog to life.
  • If you would like to use my recipes or photos, please ask me or kindly link back to my site. Please also note that my stories are often paid by magazines etc. The copyright however usually belongs to me – and gives us butter on the bread so to speak. I would appreciate if you mention my blog’s name, when you quote from it. Thank you and Bon Appetite!
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