Simchat Torah

Shortly after we celebrate Sukkot, another holiday – Simchat Torah is celebrated (often together Shemini Atzeret) where Jews celebrate that we received the Torah.

It marks the yearly circle of conclusive reading the bible and the beginning of reading the Torah again.

In Conservative and Orthodox congregations the Torah is celebrated with people dancing around the scrolls, and aliyahs (being invited on the Bimah) is considered a special honor in all communities. It is a holiday full of joy.

Let’s break some bread – sourdough if possible

Let’s break some bread – sourdough if possible

In many cultures sharing a good meal is the beginning of a friendly welcoming ceremony. Breaking bread is a “let’s have peace and share some bread” gesture. I would like to add – please let it be…. sourdough bread. Don’t get me wrong, making and eating bread might seem like a peaceful act, but in my kitchen […]