Tu BiSh’vat

dill_herb_gardenImagine what the world would be like; if we would all plant a tree each year. Well, maybe there would be too many trees, but anyway, the idea is worth a thought.

Tu BiSh’vat is “The New Year of the Trees” and all though it is not mentioned in the Torah, it is a holiday that many Jews celebrate – some even with a Seder, often presented with a plate, where if not all – then most of the fruits grown in Israel are represented.

When we lived in the United States the synagogues around us used to have a beautiful tradition (they still do – as a part of their Tikkun Olam).

The children each arranged a plant placed in a decorated flowerpot, and we would then be a team of parents and kids who drove around distributing the plants to the elderly Jews at nursing homes.

In Israel it is a custom for school children to each plant a tree on Tu BiSh’vat. Others choose to donate a tree in Israel through The Jewish National Fund, Keren Kayemeth, Israel.

If you like the idea of planting a tree during Tu BiSh’vat but don’t have a garden to plant a tree in, another option could be to start your own little herb garden – perhaps with a lemon tree in it even – and place it in your kitchen window.

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