Create your own herb garden



Be a “gardener” and a better cook

A real easy way to start your kosher kitchen up in a healthy and tasty way is to “invest” in fresh herbs – the ones you can buy or plant in pots.

Place your dill, basil, parsley, oregano, and sage – even salad – in your kitchen window and gently nip the leaves off as you use the herbs.

Most often the plant becomes all “stressed out” and quickly produces new leaves (especially basil). If you want more plants, put a few aside and simply place them in a glass of water. That way you can keep growing fresh herbs or use these offsprings as gifts to friends and family.

Believe me, cooking with fresh herbs is so much better than the dry versions, you can get in supermarkets etc. plus it is a quick way to spice up a salad, add to your sandwich or “throw” into your soups etc.

The only very important thing to having plants in your kitchen, is to be thorough if soil inadvertently lands on your kitchen table etc. Make sure, that it is never being mixed into any of your food, and carefully clean up afterwards.

Other than that – enjoy your fresh herbs.

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